Installation of high-performance electrical equipment

Our electrical equipment assembly unit prepares, assembles, and, if necessary, installs high-power switchgear cabinets on site based on electrical engineering design documentation.

With the proper specialized qualifications and many years of experience, our equipment, tools, and machinery enable us to manufacture AC/DC distribution and control cabinets, gathering cabinets (infeed with built-in submeter or aggregator connector) for halls, workshops, industrial facilities, and offices.

Due to decades of presence in the market and our customer-oriented, flexible approach of service, we maintain excellent relationsips with our clients. We are proud to say that most of our partners have been entrusting us with constant and recurring tasks for our company for years.

During installation work, we use only high-quality products from well-known, reliable manufacturers such as Legrand, Schneider Electric, Eaton, and Schrach Technik.

One of our main profiles is the manufacturing of high-current distribution devices and control cabinets up to 4000A, both for indoor and outdoor use. Our quotation is free of charge and without any obligations, requiring only a single-line diagram. Our offer always includes all necessary auxiliary materials, cable entries, terminal blocks, and devices required for commissioning, without any hidden or additional costs.

For us, smaller wall-mounted distribution panels are just as important as multi-field main distribution systems. We always prioritize the client’s needs and aim for easy and straightforward commissioning in terms of size and design of the distribution panels. In the case of multiple parallel cables, the connections are also properly designed, without any additional charges for the client.

Our quotation also covers the transportation costs to the specified location, and if necessary, we can arrange crane-assisted delivery for larger distribution panels. We exclusively work with well-known and high-quality manufacturers such as Legrand, Schneider Electric, Eaton, and Schrack. However, we are also open to working with products from other manufacturers if requested (such as Hager, Siemens, Rittal).

Only components specified or approved by the designer or client are installed. We take pride in our meticulous work because it should not only be functional but also visually appealing. We provide warranties for all our works, and the necessary documents are always included with the distribution panels.

Equipped with a professional toolset, we are capable of meeting all requirements, whether it’s rail bending, cabling, cable entries, or labeling. We offer installation and commissioning services for distribution cabinets upon request. We have several recurring partners who are satisfied not only with our pricing but also with the quality of our work. We manufacture distribution equipment not only for domestic clients but also for international customers.

We always prioritize meeting the specified deadlines, and even tight schedules do not pose a challenge for us.

Some of our references:

Mercedes Hovány Budaörs: Manufacturing of a 4-field, 630A main distribution panel and 7 associated sub-distribution panels.
Hotel Lelle: Manufacturing of a 6-field, 1600A main distribution panel and 14 associated sub-distribution panels.
Nissin Food: Manufacturing of an 8-field, 3200A new main distribution panel and 8 associated sub-distribution panels.
Mórahalom Halnevelő: Manufacturing of a 2-field, 250A main distribution panel and 9 associated sub-distribution panels.
Exactrum Pharma: Expansion of the main distribution panel, manufacturing of a new 3-field, 630A distribution panel.
Imerys Kft: Manufacturing of a new 3-field, 1600A main distribution panel.