Underground cables and utility mapping and inspection using ground-penetrating radar technology

The ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is based on a non-destructive and rapid geophysical method. The system emits electromagnetic waves and simultaneously detects the reflected signals from various layers and objects in the ground. It forms images of subsurface objects and anomalies based on these signals. The GPR system configuration typically consists of one or multiple antenna elements, a control unit, and a monitor or external tablet/PC.
At the beginning of construction works, we often encounter a certain problem which is that, the client either lacks usable information about the area or possesses outdated utility maps that are inaccurate or incomplete.
It isn’t uncommon that, during the construction process, a utility line or cable gets damaged. This can often result in interruptions and even substantial financial losses reaching into millions.
Our company is equipped with the latest and most recent ground-penetrating radar technology. With the use of artificial intelligence and GPS transmitters, we can provide real-time data that helps prevent damages.

One of the strengths of this system is that it poses no danger to the environment and living organisms.
The use of ground-penetrating radar or soil scanners can prevent various issues associated with excavation work, such as:
• Cutting through underground utility lines
• Additional expenses for restoration work
• Operational downtime
• Time loss
• Other accidents

Cable and pipe tracing

We perform precise and efficient location determination and line tracing using our modern tracing machine. The latest digital signal processing technology allows the operator to detect weak signals associated with deeply buried utilities and also respond to them.