Lightning protection

The inspection and periodic review of lightning protection is regulated by a series of legislations that, also determine the qualifications of a person required for conducting such examinations.

The purpose of lightning protection is to protect human life and creations/structures from the harmful effects of lightning strikes. The state specifies certain requirements regarding lightning protection that must be adhered to in all areas. Establishing and conducting re-examinations of lightning protection systems requires the appropriate amount of expertise, which is verified by a certificate authorizing the performance of lightning protection inspections.

Determining the required level of lightning protection is based on the classification of the certain building, as it reflects the magnitude of the risk caused by lightning strikes. Therefore, the correct identification of lightning protection categories is crucial regarding the work of the professional, inspecting personnel, as it forms the basis for the assessment and certification of the already existing lightning protection system.
The examinations can only be carried out by personnel, qualified for both standard and non-standard inspections. Our company holds the required qualifications as prescribed and also the necessary expertise needed. Request the quotation from us now, regarding LIGHTNING PROTECTION as well.